I almost didn’t notice,

As you blended silently into the color of rocks,

At this windswept California beach,

Shaded by the sun.


Then I saw you,

Sad eyes holding back the tears,

Displaying your suffering, which now was clear.


I wondered how long you were there,

On this beautiful but washed up beach,

At the top of all the rocks,

Safe from an incoming but drowning tide.


Exchanging glances, then staring at each other,

Until your head fell towards an exhausted sleep,

Hoping the pain would leave,

Like a tide which washed me in.


More beachcombers arrived,

And talked of your plight,

Calling rescuers to see for themselves,

What, if anything could relieve your loneliness;

And our helplessness.


I waited, and suddenly they were here,

Armed with, knowledge and Goodwill,

The swaddled you, wounds and all,

And carried you up the cliff face stairs.


And drove off with you into the cool night,

The rescue completed.


Showing how perfect love is,

When given without conditions.

Lonely … one more evening


Sun draws down again,

Ready to be smothered by the dark clouds,

And a rain which promises tomorrow will be another dull day.

A reminder of the loneliness of the long distance runner,

Who wants the race to end,

But savors the isolation of the running.


For aloneness is awareness,

And awareness is knowing.