Seeing Through


Seeing through,

Past the leaves in front of my eyes,

Seeing through,

Beyond the plane of focus which has me ignore others,

Seeing through,

Ignoring the large and noticing the small.


Seeing through,

All of which is in my life.

“Question and You Shall Receive”


Sitting apart from the class,
Everyone else having fun,
Chatting, sharing, smiling.
I sit in silence because of what …?

Feeling sorry and rejected,
Making images of ogres who were friends,
just a few moment ago.
Stewing now, my knotted stomach stops a fertile mind,
Dead in its track.

When a simple question can unravel all.
Ask it today.


Jumping up,

I find myself looking at another square in this game of hopscotch.

One where there is an opening,

And the square is not already taken.


Only to find out someone is playing a different game,

On the other side of the street.