The Grandson

He sits on the floor of his grandfather’s house,
Granddad  has just passed, and he waits for the funeral tomorrow.
An electric fire beams warmth,
And his Texas workplace sends last minute tasks over the night air.
Pondering the work,
I watch with joy the man he has become.
The twin who survived those 36 years ago,
While his brother, watches out for him, above, but ever present in his life.
Meanwhile, the tiny child has grown,
Not only in stature, but in love.
Surrounded by more, he spreads the joy to others,
Always relying on the power of another.
Who lives within and without … eternally.






In preparation, a candle sits;

Unlit, on the edge of an altar,

Waiting for the rest of the community to join them,

In the late afternoon night,

As sunset draws near,

Beckoning the night,

And its divine darkness,

To swallow me fully.


Then, as darkness falls,

I will wait patiently,

Quietly, silently,

Until one comes with the fire which will ignite my life again.

Spreading wisdom, gifts and light.


For me, and others to see God’s presence in my soul.



Too many alternatives,

Too many decisions,

Too much chaos,

Too much turmoil.


I need direction, guidance, leadership.

But not from my mind,

Or even a greedy heart;

But from something beyond me.


Time to finally submit; end the search for the other.

And turn towards home,

Where the light is on,

And the door is open.



Bright Darkness

Neglected and abandoned,

I seem to be shrinking with age.

As the forest creeps in,

Obscuring the sunlight,

And eventually cracks my rooftop,

Giving me a black eye for all to see.


But in the impending darkness there is clarity,

Things noticed and apparent,

Which were invisible for years.


Are now clear.

Sad Bird

The sad bird lands again in the family garden,

Unexpected, and hungry to leave some baggage there,

For us to consider,

As she stares at us from the garden,

Expressionless, holding no anger,

Rather sitting for us to view the disarray,

Which was our life yesterday.


Leaving us to consider active and lost love in both hands,

Once again.