Opening each moment


Breaking the door from its closed position

The day is seen with new eyes.

Not merely images of grandeur alone,

But timeless moments of human interaction,

Where a smile becomes the love of your life,

And the sadness breaks your heart.


The woods are sighing to themselves,

As the sun readies

To spray light instantly through expectant branches,

Transforming them

To a masterpiece illuminating and inspiring all.


It is here we feel the work of God.

In every word spoke in a day,

And the struggles of unawareness

Become unbearable for some.

While others endure pain with fortitude and love.


May enlightenment spill into all hearts.


Always Beautiful


Even on the saddest days,

The ones filled with difficult people,

Cranky children,

Missing items of clothing needed for work.

We can find some nuggets.


They are hidden in the snow,

A blanket of fog,

In the clutter of our lives,

Waiting to be uncovered,

And revealed for what they are.


Just beautiful.



The guru, the scientist and the theologian,

Talked quietly for an hour or so,

A commentator nudges the conversation,

Always in the direction of spiritual interest.


Suddenly, it becomes obvious,

Consciousness is God,

With only our self-center,

And dualists from Cable News.


Separating us from the gleaming truth.



Made as a companion,

The most essential of all.

Beautiful, but touchable,

Life bearer.


The other side of man,

Softer, but stronger.

Smaller, but larger.

Slower, but wiser.


Built with curves not edges,

To feed and love,

And be fed by all.



The loving cradle of creation. Behold.


We are Free ….


When we can look and feel only love,

Not lust, or greed, or envy,

Or some other desire, not of the heart.


When every day is one crowded with thoughts of loved ones,

And of those unloved by us.

Separating ourselves from peace

And God.


When our deeds are done with a loving hand

A non-distracted mind,

And a heart full of understanding,

For those directing or receiving our work.


When all of these are together,

We are as one,

At Peace,

Resting in God’s arms.



Play Forgiveness

Love had it first, a white garment,

Perfectly folded, blindingly bright

But now it’s dark… and stained…. by me


Please forgive me, I forgive you, can I be forgiven?


Then lying there in the dirt, lost not found

Lonely and separated, from those I love

Covered in mud, of many days


Please forgive me, I forgive you, can I be forgiven?


A friend encountered at last, calling me home

Love picked me up, and washed me clean

Until at last….it was…..revealed


Please forgive me, I forgive you, can I be forgiven?


A new day is here, so warm so bright.

A new day is here, so with promise of light,

Skies are no more, obscured by clouds,

The curtain has opened, love has arrived.

Love has arrived.


Please forgive me, I forgive you, am I forgiven?


Please forgive me, I forgive you, I am forgiven.


Forgiven. Forgiven


My Fake Handshake

The two hands lay dormant by my side,

Preparing for the act of forgiveness, about to occur.

Heart and Mind misaligned,


The right hand is relaxed,

Imagining the joy of forgiveness,

A welcoming, extension,

Of a soul at peace.

Meanwhile, next door,

A left hand clenches,

Desperately hanging onto the residue of hate,

Separating the single intention of love.

The arm is extended,

My external, smiling face,

Forces out the words.

“I forgive you”.

But the heart and God knows the difference.

For All the Children

The clenched fist,

A snapped the belt on the stairs, is followed by

“Where are you?”

“Come here now” calls of yesteryear,

Haunting long distant memories.

The terror has turned to sadness,

For parents unable to cope,

Drinking anger and the excess fuel of addition,

In equal quantities,

Until the escape is made, or a deed is done.

Now, years later,

I unclench my fist,

Releasing the turmoil of bruises,

Hidden from others,

In my own gut of hate.

The stinking heap of misunderstood acts,

Falls away, not like it never happened,

But replaced with real love,

And the wisdom of knowing,

I AM not built this way.

And God had never left my side.