The Internal Mirror

 Sitting there waiting for us to look

And examine.

The mirror quietly reflects, or not,

On what it sees of us.

For God sees us clearly,

And always.

Yet, we don’t look at the dark and the shadows,

Removing the rust, or the dirt,

Which conceals ourselves.

And more of God.

The Weightlnessness of Love

Now untethered from earlier expectations,

Of love which is for “the one”

Or just for God,

Or siblings and family.

I AM free to love.

Drifting this morning,

In the mist of change,

I am released from the bonds of an earlier definition,

Where love was reserved for my man-made reasons.

Rather than God’s intention for me.

Listfully, I gaze into the eyes of all without agenda,

Only waiting for some other instructions,

Which I know God will provide.

Separated from the bonds of freewill,

This new limitless world sits quietly and always in the present.

Awaiting God’s gravity to lead me …